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Why Choose Vanishing Point?

Our laser technicians are not only educated in using state-of-the-art lasers, but also work closely with local tattoo artists. This gives us specialized knowledge about the entire tattoo process and a unique perspective on the best treatment plan for reaching our clients goals. We believe everyone deserves to wear art they can be proud of, and we are the only place in St. Louis to offer this kind of specialized service to the community! We also offer discounted rates for the removal of tattoos for military enlistment, and free treatment of radiation tattoos.

SuitOur certified laser technicians use a state-of-the-art Quanta Q-Plus C, which utilizes 3 solid-state lasers.  This allows us to select from multiple wavelengths to appropriately treat every color in your tattoo. The laser is used to direct energy, in the form of a focused beam of light, at the pigment in your tattoo for a fraction of a second. The beam of light passes through the upper layers of skin to target the tattoo ink directly. The laser light heats and vibrates the ink into smaller particles, which allows your body to absorb the ink and eliminate it naturally. The Quanta Q-Plus C laser pulse is so short (one billionth of a second) that the surrounding skin is not affected or scarred. Our laser is also so precise that we can remove just a small part of a tattoo, while leaving the rest untouched.



Most tattoos take between 5 and 15 treatments to be removed completely. There are several different factors involved in determining how many treatments your particular tattoo will require. We use the Fitzpatrick Scale to assign a value to your skin type and the Kirby-Desai tattoo removal scale to estimate how many treatments it will take to remove your tattoo. We provide free, no pressure consultations for all prospective clients during which we will devise a treatment plan for you which includes the cost of each treatment and the estimated number of treatments we believe it will take to achieve your desired results.

You may also choose just a few treatments to have your tattoo lightened, and increase your options for a brand new cover up tattoo!  Book your free consultation today and let us devise the right treatment plan for you!

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